Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Young at Heart

Man 8/30/09

Someday when we’re all old and slow. We’ll either treat our clothes as a bother and not worthy of our limited time remaining on Earth, or we’ll do the best we can because that’s the kind of people we are. Wonder which side each of us will choose.

He was an undeniably old man. A face that reminded one of old Chinese sages that have been a part of popular culture for 2000 years. White eyebrows so long they almost seemed in need of grooming. Age spots on the edges of the face. Slight puffy bags under his eyes. Curiously, no major wrinkles accept for around his mouth.

His forehead and hair were hidden by his navy-blue fabric hat. It was a standard fishing hat with a short brim and three brass grommets on each side.

This ancient style guy was wearing a polyester track jacket. It was a cream colored standard track jacket with green and black stripes that started just below the shoulders on the front, and paralleled vertically down the back. On the left breast was a logo for Winslow, and on the right bicep was a green triangle outlined with the words Winslow Sports Era inside. His zip collar was open and you could just make out the green accent under the collar. The frayed cuffs indicated a well worn jacket.

Underneath that jacket was a white shirt that had somewhat yellowed with age. It was a standard issues spread collar with a tab underneath. This gentleman was buttoned up all the way. In his left breast shirt pocket was a large bulge that was probably his wallet. A curious place if for such an important accessory.

The pants were a matching shade of beige. And thought they were definitely of a synthetic material, the cut was non-pleated. I’d guess the pattern was from the 80’s prior to the explosion of pleated pants. Holding up those pants was a black leather belt. A gold buckle with a simple circular design.

The best thing on this dapper gentleman? His shoes. They were faux leather loafers. In a cream color similar to the jacket. A small metal logo on the outside front top corner of each shoe. The cream was accented with brown strips that weaved subtlety around the soles. The best part? The man was sockless.

Ever the gentleman, he was carrying a slim umbrella. It was medium sized and the fabric was a madras pattern in a primarily blue-green color with hints of orange. Paired with that umbrella was a tote bag with long fabric straps. The cotton bag was in a brown and cream houndstooth check pattern. A small bag overall, but for his small frame – perfect.

Throughout the subway ride, his left hand would be trembling. Every so often the soft tremors would migrate and his legs would be affected as well.

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  1. That is a wonderful way to describe this man! You have a poetic way of writing, I like that!