Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Shape of Things

Woman 4/22/09

Honesty is the best policy. And to be completely honest, I noticed this woman because of the shape of her body. She walked past me, and from the rear she had this great silhouette. The shoulders were broad but just so, and totally in proportion to the rest of her lean physique.

Perhaps it was an optical illusion brought on by her long cardigan. She was wearing this heather grey full-length cardigan that stretched down to her hips. That cashmere-like fabric hugged her frame and gave the already lean 5’7” woman even more length. Add the jeans that showed off her slim legs and you could see why that shape caught the eye.

Curiously, she wasn’t much of a fashion statement with the clothes she had on. The v-neck cardigan covered up most of her inner layers, but you could just see the scoop-neck lace top she was wearing. The shoes were just basic Nike runners in white. It was really that one grey cardigan that made the outfit.

What was interesting about her were the accessories she was carrying. Her handbag was this small duffle-style bag that was a faux-forest camouflage print. You’d find a similar print at Cabela’s or even Bass Pro Shops. Her small retractable umbrella was this faux-animal stripe print. Reminded me of a dress from DVF I once saw. And just when you think there was some ultra-trendy woman hiding under her J.Crew outfit, she was also carrying this cheap corner grocery store plastic shopping bag, which was holding what seemed to be plastic food containers. Threw everything for a loop.

She looked like she could be the younger sister of Cecilia Dean. Hair pulled back in a ponytail, no make-up, but a certain kind of aura about her.

A pair of black over-ear headphones sitting over her pulled back hair. A rounded rectangular shape that had a ring of silver inside, like a track around a stadium. It was a pleasant surprise when the small words, SONY, discreetly showed up on the frame. The black cord was attached to a small black remote control unit that she had clipped onto her cardigan.

My guess would be that this woman was either very active in terms of leisure physical activity – perhaps a regular swimmer, with a previous competitive background, or that she was in a profession that required her to stay in shape. Dancer? Trainer?

She pulled out a small Japanese book from her bag, swapping that with her umbrella. She never did the book though. A quick glance, and then she closed her eyes.

Last I saw, she had her right hand propping up her head, and her elbow on her knee. Must have been really tired.

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