Thursday, April 30, 2009

These Boots were made for Walkin’

Woman 4/30/09

First I thought: “Puss-in-Boots”. Then it was “Captain Morgan”, and finally I settled on “The Three Musketeers”. Those boots that she was wearing were nothing like I had ever seen. An 18th century throwback, a Pat Benatar 80’s video, and a hint of the boot revival of this new millennium. Defying description yet begging and clamoring to be immortalized on paper or at least in the blogsphere.

The boots were knee high. The color was a slate grey with dark shades of black. Imagine handling a piece of pristine white paper after you’ve read your morning paper. Crumple the paper with your ink stained hands. Treat it like you were trying to stain it black while ironing permanent lines onto it. That’s what the leather looked like. The boots also had a 2 inch plus fold at the top. That extra layer making it look like a Musketeers replica boot. The heels were short - about an inch high only. There were 7 shiny stainless steel buttons equally spaced vertically on the outside of each boot. Each button was about the size of a quarter. And the toe area of each boot was as pristine white as the rest was dirty black.

The rest of her was actually not like those boots at all.

Her hair was in a ponytail, no bangs, but the ponytail stretched all the way to her lower back. She’s been growing that brown hair for a long time, and at this point, there’s not much one can do with hair that length one suspects.

Her face? No makeup. Basic black framed rectangular glasses.

She was however wearing this short summer dress. It was green with a print of mini-wildflowers. From a distance, they looked like assorted small flowers like daffodils and daisies. The skirt reached to about mid-thigh, and was a very deep cut v-neck. However, in keeping with her modesty, she had on black tights, and a black scoop neck tee. So, really she’d layered what was a very short and revealing summer dress over a black tee and leggings. And if that wasn’t conservative enough, she also had on a black cotton hoodie – though that might have been on account of the cool morning weather.

Perhaps she’s one of those woman who are a closet extravert. About 6 drinks in, and she turns into this flirty and aggressive woman who wears those boots precisely because of the attitude they convey. Everyone has one of those friends. The drinking alter ego that emerges as the gregarious Hyde to their original meek Jekyll.

It is Thursday. Perhaps we’ll see Ms. Hyde out tonight.

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