Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Top o' the Morning

Woman 4/30/09

This you’ve never seen before. Perhaps in that far away land which spawned JRR Tolkien or Austin Powers, but certainly not here – not these continental United States of America. Then again, when one is mainly sequestered at home, perhaps one does not see common things as such.

It was a bowler hat. Black, British, and on the left side of the hat a small side feather that was brown in color. This wasn’t your Andes-style woman bowler hat, this was a true British bowler. Although given it’s lack of pomposity and it’s somewhat diminutive size, I’d say that it as probably a hat originally made for a boy, or even perhaps expressly made for a woman.

And so it was that this woman was wearing a black bowler on this damp dreary day in New York City. Not unlike many days in London I’ve been told. The front of her blonde hair was tucked into the hat though most of her straight hair was visible in the back.

And to add to the Anglo-ness of this woman, she was wearing a long red wool coat. That’s right – Beefeater. The bowler hat and the red coat just screamed BEEFEATER!

Coincidentally, she had on these dark skinny jeans that only accentuated the length of her coat, and the Burberry scarf really just kept on adding to the mix. That scarf had the telltale Burberry check pattern with shades of light blue, brown and pink.

What was really standout about this woman was her glasses. A great pair of resin- frames that were a glittering gold color. Somehow, that glitter brought out the blue in her eyes and just made an indelible impression. Imagine the glasses and those eyes without the distractions of the hat and coat. That platinum blonde hair to that mix could be deadly.

By now, you’ve realized that this woman takes her fashion seriously, though not without putting her own touch and personality into it. Yes, she dressed with a point-of-view.

Under the coat was a oatmeal colored cashmere sweater. The cuffs were ribbed, but folded back a good 4 inches – the short sleeves of her coat revealing that touch. And the sweater was hiding what looked to be a white Oxford shirt.

The legs of the jeans were folded back about 3 inches, and on her feet were these blue hiking socks tucked into a pair of boat shoes. Well, a pair of marina moccasins to be exact. Tan with brown tassels and on the outside of each shoe, a panel of nylon. The soles were clearly white.

Her face, as far as one could tell, was natural without any makeup. Two small gold studs in her ears with small diamonds glittering in the artificial light. Her nails were short and clean, and on the left middle finger was a sliver ring band.

She was carrying a tan canvas tote that resembled something one could purchase at a grocery store as a reusable grocery shopping bag.

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