Monday, May 11, 2009

Read into Me

4/30/09 Man

Let’s start at the end.

This is a book that I’m definitely going to buy. I never realized it’s existence, and perhaps I might have even seen someone reading it previously. But without this blog, I most definitely would have never bought the book. I still haven’t but it’s now on my list. Granted, it’s not a given that the book, or even the series is even one to my liking, but the point is that one has to seek out new experiences regardless.

The book?

Istanbul Noir. Apparently, there are a series of noir anthologies published by an independent press that sets each anthology in a different city. The publisher is Akashic Books. And this gentleman on the subway was reading one of their books.

Book aside, he had over his shaggy mane these white over-ear headphones. It’s rare to see white headphones – discounting iPod earphones, and these stood out on the brown hair on his head. The logos on the headphones looked like a “JL”, the mark of WESC. It’s a brand that’s been around for a while, and brand-conscious hipsters know it all too well. Didn’t realize they made music accessories too. Lesson number two. These headphones were not too large, white all over, with a mark on a small button that holds the head adjustments, and on the ear-piece a very noticeable WESC logo.

The shaggy hair was followed by a semi-long shaggy beard. Both brown - a medium grade of that color. No glasses, but very large eyes.

The rest of him was de rigueur hipster:

Black bomber jacket
o Nylon
o Ribbed cuffs
o Looks like a more fashionable re-making of a working class staple

o Black cotton but looks weathered enough to pass for a charcoal grey
o White contrast zipper and hood drawstring to alert you that it came from American Apparel

Eye-popping tee
o Bright mustard yellow tee
o A hint of a hot pink illustration screened on the front

Dark indigo skinny jeans
o Cuffs folded at least 2.5” to reveal a lot of ankle
o Pasty white ankles

Ankle socks
o White athletic standards

Athletic inspired sneakers
o Gola – a somewhat non-mainstream brand favored by those in-the-know
o Blue with white accents

And since it was raining that day, he was carrying a cheap black retractable umbrella.

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