Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brothers in Arms

Woman 5/28/09

The rain always brings out the Wellingtons. Hers were by Tretorn, red not glossy but matte and reaching only to her lower calf not towering to her knees. They seemed to be slightly oversized given her slender frame; there was too much room in the opening though it could have been from her slim legs.

She had on these gun-metal gray leggings as well. With a slight pattern but mostly imperceptible from a distance.

Given the rain today, the trench was an easy choice. Hers was again slightly different. It was your typical tan single-breasted trench coat, but from about the chest level down, the coat flared out – making it look like a pleated trench dress. The bottom of the coat ended slightly above her knees and the red skirt she had on went two inches past. Almost like two skirts layered over each other.

The trench was buttoned fully, but above the neckline was her crisp white shirt. A thin pencil stripe with the collar buttoned up – more preppy than bohemian. On her face were these resin rectangular frame glasses – black on the front, brown on the side and yellow inside.

Her handbag was a faded black canvas which on first look had a print that resembled a Keith Haring graphic. Once you noticed the Brooklyn Industries round logo patch on the bottom corner though, it became obvious that the print were the letters that spelled out Brooklyn Industries done in a very Keith Haring-like style. A trace of red on the zipper and around the logo added to an otherwise black and grey color scheme.

The rain had made her dirty blonde hair slick and wet, giving her a just-out-of-shower look. And perhaps the two bungee bands (one auburn, one bronze) on her right wrist were for pulling her hair back in a ponytail when dry.

Halfway into the subway ride, I looked over and saw her with a black little notebook open on her lap. She was sketching. With her artist’s pen, she was sketching faces onto the pages. It was hard to tell if they were from memory or directly based on the people in the subway.

I think in her own way, she was chronicling the people around her. Much like I was her.

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