Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Guest Post

Here's my first guest post by a dear friend - let's call her TubaRocks. Enjoy!


I saw the most AWESOME shirt on the subway this morning. Wish you were there to describe it, but since you weren't, I'll do my best:

She was a Chinatown grandma: black slacks, beige orthopedic sneakers, blue nylon Le Sportsac knock-off with a safety pin for a zipper pull. Blah blah, whatever...

THE SHIRT: navy blue cotton button down with an all-over illustrated pattern in mostly beiges, green and red. The colors were not garish. on closer inspection, I realized the pattern was water-color-esque vignettes of a bar patronized by male cats wearing fedoras. The bartender was a female cat in a slinky red dress, heels, and fishnets. In one of the vignettes she's walking up a flight of stairs, followed by one of the fellows. In another she's in front of the bar feeding a puppy.

Too good to be true! Cats, hookers, hooker cats!

Anyway, it was all pretty thrilling.

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