Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cool Hand Leia

Woman 6/3/09

Another great plus about the warm weather is the ability to see someone’s personality in totality. The cool mornings require layering but the imminent warm-up necessitates that certain warm weather fundamentals stay in place.

Not that there wasn’t much color on her, which was mostly the case, but rather it was the way the turquoise stood out. Turquoise nail color on her fingers and toes. Quite a nice hit of color on an otherwise mostly monochromatic outfit.

Monochromatic mostly. But cool, most certainly.

She had on this short cropped leather jacket in a light color – almost a light sand. The leather seemed quite worn, almost reminding one of a vintage find. The sleeves ended at the wrist and were zippered like a biker’s. It really was hard to tell if this motorcycle inspired jacket was deliberately designed to be worn small, look vintage, and feel biker-ish. Given the color of the leather, it’d be a safe bet to say that this was some designer’s take on the typical biker’s jacket.

Her dress was a modern take on the sack dress. A deep tan color with a ribbed top and bottom. Hitting her just above her knees. On her feet were updated Roman sandals that featured snakeskin straps. One got the sense that she had an eye for the non-traditional updated with a modern touch.

On her neck was this pendant that was a gold setting featuring a clear matte crystal stone. Not sure what to make of the color. There was another stone on her left ring finger – probably an engagement ring. The stone itself was modest, no more than 1.5 ct, but the band had some interesting etchings that were almost ornate giving it an antique look. On her wrist was a gold watch. Actually, a men’s gold watch with a round black face and gold link strap.

It was raining that morning and her blonde hair was still slightly wet from the rain, straight and resting on her shoulders. She wasn’t wearing very much makeup – just a touch of blush and pale red lipstick.

Her tote was this canary yellow canvas bag that came with leather straps and a zip at the opening.

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