Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Rainin' Wellies!

On a miserable wet, wetter, wettest day like today one has to either write it off or look for the silver lining. I was prepared to write it off, and lo and behold, it brought something completely new to my attention.


New York women and their Wellingtons. The surprise? That there are just as many styles of Wellies as there are women wearing them. Here’ s a quick glance.

Multicolor clouds – grey with colored circles resembling clouds.

Penguin - attached eyes staring up at the owner, with orange and black body. Orange handles on sides.

Mustard yellow with two inch black heels. Riding boot style;

Dark green with multi color polka dots

Navy with thin horizontal nautical stripes and buckle on side.

Black with white polka dots of varying sizes. Interior lining was hot pink.

Black with brown Michael Kors MK logo print. Gold buckle on side.

Burberry. She's Korean. It was the Burberry check.

Red with little black penguin silhouettes scattered about.

Carolina blue with matching tote bag.

White black and brown argyle, reaching the lower calf.

Large gingham check. Black grey and white. Worn with holes on left front left and right front right. Black buckle on side.

Most Fashionable?
Burberry deconstructed check. With black sole and black rim. Not Korean, definitely fashionista.

Chooka brand. Black. Rose in horseshoe illustration on the side, same illustration repeated on the front but with word “Lucky” underneath. A pair of peace doves on the side. On the front, a skull and bones motif. And twin red hearts – one with a banner that ‘Rock”, and the other with “Roll”. Black buckle on the side.

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