Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lay Down Athena

Woman 6/2/09

Warmer weather brings out the most interesting of styles. Funky, flirty, quirky, colorful, boring and even the skin-baring dressers are let loose from their winter shackles. Although this woman was the first for this early summer season – athletic gear as style. No, she was not going to the gym or on her way back from the gym. She was clearly dressed in athletic gear that communicated her style sensibility.

Let’s start with the basics. Sneakers. White canvas by Adidas with white laces and a black sole. Too clean and pristine to be workout sneakers. And she matched them with your basic white athletic ankle socks.

She was wearing a pair of basketball shorts. The black mesh knee-length ones that are now part of everyday ballin’ gear. The logo said Eastpak.

The last bit of her athletic garb? A hoodie. This white sleeveless hoodie with white zippers and drawstrings. She had it over her head which barely concealed her head-wrap. Now, the head-wrap is sometimes labeled as a doo-rag, but this was clearly more stylish than functional. It was indeed a head-wrap by every definition. The best part? The head-wrap was a camouflage print. That’s right, a camo print head-wrap. Needless to say, no hair was visible underneath all that fabric.

Another fashion statement besides the camo head-wrap? The printed tee. She had on this black v-neck tee that had a tan print of an eagle. Not a picture but more an eagle illustration done with an almost spray paint graffiti-like stencil treatment. In another medium, it could be hanging on the wall of Ted Nugent’s basement man-cave. This eagle stretched from the front of the tee all the way around to the back, and touching on the left sleeve slightly.

The dead giveaway that she was dressing to impress? Her jewelry. She was wearing this small gold crucifix hanging on a simple gold chain, though the crucifix did look like it had a little more ornate-ness to it than easily observed from afar. The ear lobes had two matching gold square studs. Her right wrist had a simple gold bracelet. Yes, gold was the theme of the day.

Then why was she wearing this silver ring on her left hand? It was on her index finger – a thick band with some sort of pattern etched in and a red ruby sitting in the middle.

The most curious thing? She was carrying this small black plastic bag that you get at any corner deli or bodega. Not quite sure what that held inside.


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  2. thanks!

    I was wondering where that slight surge in traffic came from. Always curious when more than 25 people read this blog. :)