Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Freckles de Jour

Woman 5/26/09

Freckles. Lots of them. Lots of them but limited to a specific area. At least to the public eye. It was limited to just her face. And even then, it was just a wide swath across the middles of her face, from cheek to cheek. Not the forehead, not too many below the lip line. They were dark brown, set off against the sun-kissed bronze of her tan. The freckles looked like tiny flower petals that had blown off the tree and settled on her face in a random pattern.

The tan itself was another matter. Even. Not too dark, not too light. Perhaps her genetics contributed to the outcome. Nevertheless, having seen people go too orange, red, or even ashen with their tans – one appreciates something as simple as a good tan.

Curiously, she reminded me of Catherine Deneuve in that classic flim, Belle de Jour. Her black hair was just about the same past-shoulder length, and the bangs had been styled back to reveal her forehead (sans freckles) just like the image on the poster.

She had little or no make-up on her, and a pair of small studs on her ears. In keeping with the character, she had on a very conservative cardigan. Crewneck, coffee-colored, and probably a silk-blend suited for the spring and summer season. Her top two buttons were undone, but revealed not much more than her tan.

On her legs were skorts. Yes, skorts. Dark brown, going past the knee slightly and from the distance looked like they were a lightweight wool blend material. On her feet were the Tory Burch ballet flats that have been ubiquitous in NYC since last summer. Hers were black with the gold Tory Burch medallion sitting on the front of the shoe. She did have on flesh-tone thin liner socks. They were sitting above the shoes line and if one was looking closely, quite noticeable.

Her bag was classic French. Louis Vuitton hobo style bag. Large. It had an LV nameplate on the front and center of the bag. And was from the Monogram Canvas line.

It was a lot of brown. It was very reserved and a very classic European look. And the freckles complemented her perfectly.

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