Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Son of a Scotch Peddlar

Man 2/6

A kilt. He was wearing a kilt. The coldest day of the year and the man was wearing a kilt. Not a traditional one either, mind you. It was a fashion kilt – without a real tartan but a textured brown fabric with geometric squares.

You’d think that there would be some much going against him, what with the kilt on the coldest winter day. But no. He pulled the look off with great panache and made it into a personal style rather than a costume that one only wears on a Scottish holiday. I actually envy that guy. Not only having the chutzpah to wear a kilt, but being able to pull off the entire look so effortlessly.

So, what did the rest of him look like?

For starters, he had a leather double-breasted overcoat on. It was a very worn, old leather coat with these incredibly large 70’s or early 80’s lapels. The color reminded me of a chocolate M&M. The jacket reached to just above the hemline of his kilt.

His head was a mop-top mess of dirty blonde wavy hair. It was long and it just about blended in with his shaggy beard. The round back frame glasses on his face made him look like a homeless version of Mike Mills from REM. The parts of his face left untouched by the beard showed scars from acne. Wrapped around his neck was a brown scarf – wool and not too distinctive.

The kilt wasn’t the only Scottish influence on him. The blazer sleeves showing revealed a windowpane pattern – blue and yellow lines on a dark brown texture. The white tattersall shirt was finished off at the top with a tartan tie. He also had on brown leather gloves.

The piece-de-resistance had to be the riding boots. They were a leather and canvas combination that stretched to just under the knee. From the top of the calf to the top of the foot was the dark brown canvas, and the rest of the shoe was a tan leather. The boots were as worn as the leather coat. And sticking out were equally high tan socks.

Over his ears were a set of over-ear headphones that were orange in color. Plugged into the iPod that he checked every so often; always placing it back into his left breast coat pocket. He did also carry a small purple Bergdorf Goodman shopping bag, which he later placed into a small Apple store plastic drawstring shopping bag.

Did I happen to mention how much I liked his look? The Satorialist would have loved him.

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