Friday, February 27, 2009

Suit of the Times

Man 2/25/09

Thom Browne has been the men’s designer of this decade. Hedi Slimane and Christopher Bailey probably run a very close second, but when all is said and done, if Giorgio Armani owned the 80’s and Prada the 90’s, then Thom Browne is for the man of the new millennium.

Curiously, the most influential designer of the decade doesn’t have a great retail following. You don’t see too many men wearing recognizable Thom Browne clothing. And even more so, you don’t see them riding in the subway.

So, was this man wearing Thom Browne?

Let’s look at the checklist:
  1. Grey slim fit suit with slightly shrunken jacket
  2. Slim suit pants that are cut-off at ankles
  3. Dark charcoal grey suede desert boots – probably Clarks and not TB brand
  4. Slim tie – this one was black with gold flecks woven into the fabric; slightly more flair than the standard TB tie, but still within the aesthetic
  5. Silver Tie bar – ditto
  6. White shirt – collar slightly larger than expected, so probably not a TB shirt
  7. Form-fitting Winter overcoat – this one in tan but my buddy who wears TB religiously has one similar, so I would say yes
  8. Socks – this is winter and I’m sure TB allows for this concession to the cold
  9. Close cropped hair – remember the TB aesthetic also includes a certain grooming style
  10. No visually distracting jewelry – like a giant watch or earrings or whatever else comes to mind that suggests bling
Two things stood out to me though.

His messenger bag – it was this black nylon messenger bag from Diesel that was packed to the gills, and probably weighed more than everything he was wearing combined. It was neither sleek, nor well kept, given the state of its wear and tear.

The other was his choice of reading material. The latest issue of FourFourTwo.

Style and soccer do go together. Just ask Thierry Henry.

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  1. why cant i leave comments here????? this sucksss...

    anyway, yes THOM BROWNE is the men designer for the century in the america, if marc jacobs took the women side...i love his suits and his ideas and his principles and his thinking...

    i like how he put himself all the way up so he isnt touchable (i m talking about his price range) but that makes more ppl want his suits, and his suits is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, i know i m a girl who dont wear men suits, but i have a boyfriend who loves gucci and dior homme...and alot more. i think gino next suit should be thom browne if he can afford to pay $8000. yup not the one from brooks brother, the REAL one!!!!
    how have no idea how many ppl dont know this guy when mr. browne will rule the high end men's apparel...yup the smart thinks alike, ming, you are on my boat!!! =)