Monday, February 23, 2009

Tank Girl 2009

Woman 2/19/09

Anyone who remembers Tank Girl would appreciate this posting. Not the movie, though I never saw it, so I won’t disparage it, but the comics that introduced Jamie Hewlett to comic world, and later to popular culture as a co-creator of Gorillaz.

My first thought was that she was just really cool and comfortable in her own skin. The second was that association with that character I had forgotten long ago – Tank Girl.

Her hair was dyed red. Not absolute red, but a shade that was somewhere in the neighborhood of a deep pink or a light orange. The sides of her head were actually shaved, though somewhat grown out a little by this point, and that red-ish hair was pulled from right to left and back into a ponytail; held in place by a yellow rubberband. You could just make out the dark roots at the crown.

The motorcycle racing jacket fit her perfectly. This black leather racer jacket had white patches on the shoulders and two stripes on each bicep. There were two small adjustable straps and buckles on each side of the jacket; right where the kidneys are. And she left the sleeves unzipped.

She was also wearing this grey hoodie under the jacket. And it was actually longer than the jacket. Her black work boots looked like Docs. But the stitching was just slightly off the standard, so I can’t say for sure. The jeans were a slim fit, not skinny, and of a light faded blue.

Her face had these delicate features. Angular and sharp, but delicate in a porcelain manner. Her nose was sharp, and the eyes were blue. No make-up though and barely a trace of lipgloss. On each ear, she had 3 small rings. Nothing fancy, just basic silver earrings.

She was also carrying a small messenger bag. This grey nylon number that was worn over the left shoulder. It was a Puma bag, but again, nothing fancy. Very functional.

The best part?

She had these white cotton gloves on. And on the top of the gloves were silk-screened prints of bones, done in black. Normally, this would be the start of a novelty outfit or for some costume for Halloween – skeleton gloves. On her, they were perfect.

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