Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Veteran Hipster

Woman 3/26/09

You’re a woman. Probably in your early forties, though mid-forties is not entirely out of the question. And you’ve dressed this way since you were probably in your teens, or maybe twenties. You’re the veteran hipster. You never graduated to a high-level corporate job, certainly didn’t get married and have children, and still attending concerts and dinner parties in the far outposts of the city.

What do you wear?

Well, if you’re the veteran female hipster, in winter, you start with the coat. A vintage number, red with a sort of black stencil print that almost looks like embroidered paisley. That abstract pattern complements the frayed edges that lines the entire coat. Plus, the two side pockets share the same frayed edging on the top opening. To add to the hipster-ness of the coat, each of the three coat buttons are made of a different material, though same size and shape.

Your shoes would be the next most important item of clothing. These would be suede. An orange suede. A faded and dirty orange color on boots that run to midcalf; each with a buckle and strap across the lower front.

The rest of your outfit?

Well, you’d never be a stickler for matching, so you’d be wearing one of your favorite black dresses. Only this one features an allover mini-polka dot print. The stockings would be black fishnet, and the scarf a basic purple. Not exactly clashing, but just enough to suggest your continued bohemian lifestyle.

Your accessories?

Well, if its raining. You’ll probably have a small compact umbrella tucked into your coat pocket. Red of course, the umbrella would be. You wouldn’t be carrying a run of the mill handbag. And because you’re on your way to a party, you’d be carrying clutch instead. A large dark aquamarine clutch that has a triangular top flap. Leather, but definitely not luxury designer unless it was vintage.

Your earrings wouldn’t be run of the mill either. They’d be large hoops – silver, but with ornamental extras attached and dangling in the center of the hoops. I’d guess it was an ethnic design, maybe Native American given the Dreamcatcher resemblance, but could as easily be South Indian or Central American. You’d be wearing at least one ring. A large amber stone set in silver. But on your right index finger lest someone pre-judges you.

Your outfit aside?

The hair is red. Well, dyed red but the black roots would be visible. It’s shoulder length of course since you’ve had it this way for at least 2 decades. No bangs but wavy on the bottom, almost curly there. You’re not cutting your hair short for anyone just yet.

The make-up would be precise. Red lipstick – standard. Eyeliner that is a glittering silver, typically found on younger women, though not a problem for you. Long black lashes – check. And blush. Don’t forget the blush.

The nails? A British racing green. Because if they can’t tell already, you like darker shades of green.

Some finishing touches?

A flower tattoo on your right wrist. Something you got a while back since it’s slightly faded and in need of touch up one of these years.

The last thing?

A Chinese silk embroidery covered mirror. Not the lipstick case, just the mirror. Reinforces your street credibility.

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