Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pink Baroness

Woman 12/23/08

Well, she had on this winter hat. First, the style: rather like a World War 1 aviator helmet. The Pink Baroness but more like a cross between a real flying ace and Hello Kitty.

The hat was a white wool crocheted hat that covered her head exactly like that aviator helmet would. You could only see her face. No hair, no chin. The white wool hat was rimmed in pink and there were a few pink wool tuffs on the hat. Like random pimples on a white bald head. And there were these two pink flower petal shaped cut-outs attached near the front, though again, not in any sort of discernable pattern. It looked self made; in fact, I hope it was.

The pink rim of the hat really made a contrasting frame to her porcelain white face. She had brown eyes and slight freckles. Her hair was hidden under the hat, and the chin and neck were also hidden from view.

Of course, one would never expect someone wearing this hat to only feature this whimsical piece in their outfit. She also had these eye-catching Wellingtons on. They were accented in pink. The top was had a pink rim, and the bottom of the shoe had a band of pink going around. The shoes were dark navy blue with small white polka dots.

The thing is, her look really worked for her. The basic blue jeans were slightly faded and tucked into those Wellingtons. She had a great winter coat that was a dark navy blue wool. It almost had a poncho-like fit, and the fur collar was folded over creating this wide lapel. There were only 3 large buttons on the front, and no other pockets, features or accents. To my un-trained eye, I’d say it was either vintage or Marc Jacobs.

Curiously, she wasn’t carrying a handbag. It was a messenger bag, again, dark navy blue. It was made of cloth, with some gold hardware and lots of zippers and compartments on the front. But quite a feminine looking messenger bag. Reminded me of the bags produced by Porter.

She was reading Half Moon Street by Anne Perry. Does that tell you anything?

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