Thursday, January 15, 2009


Man 1/14/09

What’s really rare in sartorial style is the person who dresses with a point-of-view. No, not those who dress as they want the world to see them, but those who dress as how they see the world. For most folks, there is no difference since they dress for work, comfort or indifference – my hillbilly friends mostly fall into those categories. That’s not to say they don’t want to look good. It’s just that there is no point-of-view to their sense of style.

This guy dressed like he saw the world through a very different lens. At first glance, the ordinary commuter would probably proclaim him a fashionista, but he was really more than that.

That gigantic fur winter hat which apparently is commonly known as a Russian Trooper hat. The Elmer Fudd version is slightly smaller and less verbose. Remember this guy has a point-of-view after all. And the hat was so large, it obscured most of his face from view.

He had on black corduroys cut like skinny jeans, which really made his black leather shoes stand out. These were pointed-toe black lace-ups but the leather was perforated – square holes. Making it look like he was wearing a Henley leather shoe. Very Euro.

It was maybe 20 degrees yesterday but like George Constanza, that hat must have been warm. He had on this biker’s leather jacket, though upon closer inspection you knew it wasn’t your typical Schott biker number. It was a designer number – shrunken fit, zips in the right places but small useless pockets that suggested form over function. And the leather was a natural supple versus the stiff leather that real bike jackets have when they look that new.

Underneath, he had on a black hoodie, and since both jacket and hoodie were unzipped, you could make out the black skinny tie over the black and white striped shirt with contrast collar that he was wearing. His other forms of winter protection – a muted multi-color knit scarf that hung lazily around his neck, and charcoal grey fingerless wool gloves.

Other than the hat, I’d say the other reason that made him stand apart from typical fashionistas was his bag. It was this medium sized old brown leather number that reminded one of the long gone Pan-Am days when a travel bag was essential. The small skinny shoulder strap and that dark mustard color leather. Best of all, it wasn’t a Puma or Le Coq Sportif retro bag. It was the real deal.

The man dressed like he had a point-of-view.

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